New Arrivals & Specials

BU77. Union Artillery "A" Button- Steele & johnson B/M, with shank, Loaded in Gold Gilt, Very Fine condition  $45.00

BU78. Union Artillery "A" Button- Scovill B/M, no shank, Loaded in Gold Gilt, Fine condition  $29.00

AR56. Civil War 12 pd. Solid Shot Cannonball- Fine condition, comes on a Repro Stand with straps and a nice brass identification label, makes a great display piece  $165.00

M130. Rubber 1851 Comb- VG condition, marked I.R. Comb Co./1851/Extra Quality, Rare  $45.00

M131. Foot Officer Hilt and Pommel Cap- dug Vicksburg campaign, Gorgeous, traces of Gold Gilt all over, Awesome green Petina, Fine condition both for $165.00

M132. Civil War Scissors- Fine condition, dug Vicksburg Campaign  $25.00

M133. Jeff Davis Hat Pin- Very fine condition, dug Vicksburg Campaign, one of the best I have ever seen found around here  $135.00

M134. Civil War Bridle Bit with Chain- blacksmith made for Civilains and Army, Fine condition for dug, with chain which is seldom seen $125.00

W120. Allen & Thurber Pepperbox- Barrel #183, Action is tight, 32 caliber, Fine condition, 6 shot cylinder, cool looking revolver $450.00

W121. Fully engraved 7mm Pinfire Revolver- This revolver has a 3" barrel, 6 round cylinder, black grips and a folding trigger. Used (1860's - 1870's) Civil War thru Indian War. The engraving is very intricate and beautiful, it's one of the reasons I bought it. There is a "64" stamped on just about every part including the frame and the cylinder. The action works in double action, but not in single action, Fine condition  HOLD

W122. 1840's C. R. Kirschbaum Cavalry Sword/Scabbard- with original leather & brass wire, pommel cap tight and original, Scabbard has black japaning, Very Condition, well marked  HOLD

AR55. CS 24 pound Wood Plug Shell- hard size to come by, Very Fine condition  HOLD for LB

W119. Roman Style Short Sword- Fine condition, nice petina, well marked, cool barn find  HOLD

AR53. Union 3 Inch Hochkiss Shell- very unique the way it split apart, early Style- no flame grooves, cool relic  $145.00  SOLD

AR54. CS 3" Read Bolt- Fine condition, dug by long time collector/digger back in early1970's, unique upper band, crudely made by CS Shell foundry, has step down instead of straight across, only seen a few of these, RARE  $695.00

M128. Rare Glass Roman Pitcher- nice condition, 1700-2000 years old  $185.00

M129. Large Spigot with 2 knobs- Spigot is 9 inches long, Rare size, dug near Vicksburg, MS  $35.00

AR51. US 30 Pd. Parrott Shell- VG condition, nice paper time fuse  $235.00  SOLD

M127. US Navy Fuse Box- marked USNY Boston, good shape for age, leather is preserved  $115.00

BP62. Union Officer Sword Belt Buckle- nice light green petina, Very Good condition, dug near Vicksburg, MS   $175.00

W117. Allen & Wheelock 32 Caliber Sidehammer Revolver- trigger and hammer work, cylinder need tlc, 6 Shot, made 1859- 1862, total quantity around 1500 to 2000, not many, Rare Revolver HOLD

C41. US Civil War Billinghurst Requa Cartridge- in brass casing, fine condition, went in early rapid fire gun, Rare Cartridge, Non Dug $105.00 SOLD

M126. Floral Powder Flask- Good Condition, missing tiny spout, nice for a dug flask, found near Pea Ridge, Ark  $75.00  SOLD

I10. RARE Half Plate Daguerreotype of Unidentified Gentleman- in Full Case, seperated at hinge, Very Good condition  $375.00

BU76. US/CS Voltiquers "V" Button- Rare, with shank, in VG condition. The Voltiquers were a Special Forces unit that used Light Mountain Howitzers & Hale's Rocket Launchers during the Mexican War. Robert E. Lee and Joseph Johnston both commanded the Voltiquers. Interesting fact is the Voltiquers wore a light grey uniform opposed to the dark blue of the other uniforms. Coincidently, these two future great Confederate Generals donned the "grey" a full decade and a half before the Civil War. These buttons were used by Southern Troops during the Civil War. They were distributed to LA and VA troops for Civil War usage and are found in their Camps. Seldom seen for sell, buy this one while you can at this price due to the scarceness & history.  $225.00  SOLD
BP61. Union Officer Buckle- Very Good condition, dug near Vicksburg, MS   $175.00

M123. Civil War Spur- VG condition, dug near Bovina, MS  $45.00

M124. Civil War Thick Heel Plate- dug in Union Cavalry Camp near Vicksburg, MS  $15.00  SOLD

M125. Civil War Stencil Letter "T"- dug in Union Camp(Vicksburg Campaign), VG condition, used to mark items $18.00

W112. Rare Civil War Brass Framed Boot Pistol- Fine condition, used by both sides during the Civil War, Percussion Firing System, only needs a Hammer, popular concealed weapon back then, $95.00

M122. 1893 Dated Bible- Good condition, Indian Period, cross on Front  $29.00

AR56. US Buckle- with Arrow hooks, Very Fine condition, dug near Vicksburg $195.00

C39. 12mm Pinfire Cartridge - in brass casing, Very Fine condition   $16.00

C40. 9mm Pinfire Cartridge - in brass casing, Very Fine condition   $15.00

W109. Plant(Eagle Arms) Single-Action .30 Caliber Pocket Revolver- during the mid 1860s, this small pocket revolver was one of some 20,000 such handguns produced by New York City’s Eagle Arms Company, the main production facility for the Plant Manufacturing Company headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut.   The vintage, Civil War handgun, is often referred to as the Front Loading Pocket Model Plant. Built on a solid frame, this good-looking revolver is fitted for a .30 caliber rimfire round in a six-shot cylinder matched to a 3˝” long octagonal ribbed barrel. Barrel address reads “EAGLE ARMS CO. NEW YORK”. The brass frame, silver-plated revolver displays no original bluing on the barrel or cylinder, which now display areas of dark oxidation on the surface. A sliding ejector rod is mounted on the frame directly behind the cylinder.   Sidearm bears serial #447 on the butt. Cylinder “PATENTED. JULY 12, 1859 & JULY 21, 1863”. Rosewood grips. In mechanically strong condition. SOLD

M116. CS Paper Time Fuse- overall good condition but shows explosion of shell  $25.00 SOLD

M115. Union Bugle Hat Pin- dug near Bovina, MS- good condition, usually these weak thin brass hat pins are missing parts $55.00

BU72. VMI(Virginia Military Institute) Button- dug, missing shank, good condition, found near Vicksburg, nice price $65.00

M111. Lefaucheaux 9mm Cartridge Box- made by UMC, Rare Indian War Box, Fine condition  $55.00

M108. Civil War Era Sewing Needles Dated 1857- Packet of Civil War era sewing needles. Larger size crewel needles. Perfect for display with soldiers sewing kit, clothing and personal items. Picture of a clipper ship on the label.  H. Milward and Sons makers. Over half the needles still present. Very Fine condition.   $25.00  SOLD

C35. Maynard Flat Nose Cartridge- non dug cartridge, Fine condition, good looking cartridge, hard to find this nice $35.00

W104. Washington Arms Co. Boot Pistol- action needs tightening, VG condition, marked US/The Washington Arms Co./LMC/Cast Steel, single shot, percussion firing system, hard to come by  HOLD

M99. Union Cartridge Box- with both tins which are nice, Cartridge box is in good condition   SOLD

P24. Rare 1863 US Lincoln 50 Cent Note- VG condition front & back, Scarce  $75.00

M94. Extremely Rare 1860 Cherokee Bible- Fine condition, seldom ever seen, written in Cherokee, Dated 1860, Museum Quality, one of the Rarest Bibles from that era  $1250.00

AR26. US Eight Inch Navy Seacoast Shell- Good condition, with Navy Seacoast Fuse  $350.00 HOLD

I9. CDV of Jeff Davis being chased in a dress and holding a Bowie- VG condition  $75.00

C31. Gallagher Cartridge- in paper casing, non dug, Fine condition  $49.00

BU61. Deer Sporting Button- no shank, Fine condition, loaded in Silver Giltcool button  $15.00  SOLD

W71. Civil War Boot Pistol- Fine condition, used by both sides during the Civil War, Percussion Firing System, action works, popular concealed weapon back then, Crown on Barrel  SOLD

C25. Italian Garibaldi(Carcano) Bullet- 69 caliber, drop, Fine condition, seldon seen bullet, dug in Central MS  $35.00

M74. Two Cool Raritys- both dug in Central MS, Bullet with Nail & Musketball complete(Buck & Balls)  $19.00

W41. Import English Short Sword- used by both sides during the Civil War, Fine condition   $235.00

W42. Model 1856 Enfield Saber Bayonet- for the .557 Enfield Rifle, Imported by both the Union & Confederate Units, Very Good condition, Pressed Leather Grips, Overall Length 28 1/16"     $225.00  SOLD

P24. Holly Springs, MS $5.00 Note- Extremely Rare, G-VG condition, August 2nd, 1862, Northern bank of Mississippi    $115.00

P22. Confederate New Orleans Newspaper- printed before Union occupation, March/13/1861, Very Good condition, lots of interesting reading  $95.00

P23. Confederate New Orleans Newspaper- printed before Union occupation, March/2nd/1861, Very Good condition, lots of interesting reading  $95.00

M55. Civil War Our Army & Navy Token-  Very Fine condition, hard to come by and highly sought after by Token Collectors   $19.00

M52. Confederate General Service Accoutrement Book by Keim- Fine condition, Rare Book and highly sought after, with Dust Cover, a must have book for CS Buckle Collectors  $175.00

C2. 9mm Pinfire Cartridge - in brass casing, non-dug, Very Fine condition   $16.00

C6. Large 12MM Short Pinfire Cartridge- in long brass casing, non dug, VF condition, used in the 12MM Pinfire Revolver which was one of the most reliable revolvers during the Civil War and also highly used by Officers.   $18.00  SOLD

C18. 7mm Pinfire Cartridge - in brass casing, Very Fine condition   $15.00

BU33. VMI(Virginia Military Institute) Button- non dug, with shank, loaded in Gold Gilt, XF condition, D.Evans in ribbon backmark $95.00

P36. CS Letter written to Wife- from Corinth, MS- excellent penmanship, 3 pages, talks about Bull Run, Fine condition  $119.00

M33. Rare 1838 Pocket Size Bible- 170 years old and in nice condition, seldom seen this fine, many Soldiers carried this size Bible thru the War with them  $59.00

C10. Rifled 69 Musket Bullet- fine condition  $12.00

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