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All prices are quoted as unmounted either as a photo or else a canvas suitable for future framing. Larger sizes are available and are sometimes the most attractive, accentuating the detail and subtle tones of the photo. All prices are plus shipping.

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Secure online ordering through pay pal. Photos are packaged flat and shipped by Priority mail with delivery confirmation. Plus Shipping & Handling

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Shipping & Handling
Lower 48 States sizes under 16 x 20
Gloss or Matte Finish Photo Pricing - 8 x 10
11 x 14
16 x 20

Flat Canvas Pricing - 8 x 10
16 x 20

Canvas with brush strokes, hich looks like a painting. The difference will amaze you. Most of my orders are for this style as it is so unusual and some viewers actually believe they are looking at a painting.




Painted Style Canvas - 8 x 10
16 x 20

Falls & Water
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Our online images are low resolution.
The actual photos for sale are vibrant, high resolution images.

Niagra Falls

Niagra Falls 2

Niagra Morning

Niagra Rainbow

Niagra Morning 2


Man & Dog in Boat in the Florida Keys

Cabo San Luca

Isle de Margarita

Bar Harbor Morning

View of my Backyard

View from Maui


Jellyfish 1 - Atlanta Aquarium

Jellyfish 2 - Atlanta Aquarium

Jellyfish 3 - Atlanta Aquarium

Click image to enlarge

Rue Mouffetaad - Utrillo

Les Dames

Galleries Laffayette with
enclosed Eiffel Tower

The Shopper

Fishing - Charlon Sur_de_Saone, France

Seasons: Fall & Winter
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Leaning Barn - Cheshire, MA

Bridge, Blueridge Parkway

Sawmill, Blueridge Parkway

Mt. Greylock, MA

Cheshire, Ma

New England Town

Fall or Winter - Town of Florida, MA

Trees & Picnic Table - Sunderland

Hallmark Moment - Florida, MA

Chasing Van Gogh
Click image to enlarge

Trees at the Asylum, Provance

Scary Night - Provance

Real Night

Wild Sunflowers -
Scene where Van Gogh painted, St. Remy


Sunflowers 2

Asylum Field at St. Remy, Provance

Arles Street, FR

Museum of Impressionism

Sunflower in Pot - Passing St. Remy near Arles

Wild View of Trees at the Asylum

Langlois's Bridge at Arles

Florida Wilds
Click image to enlarge

Florida Wilds 1
Clyde Butcher's front yard (The Trail)

Florida Wilds 2
Clyde Butcher's front yard (The Trail)

Florida Wilds 3
Clyde Butcher's front yard (The Trail)

Amish Life
Click image to enlarge

Amish Wagon, Lancaster

Amish Girls

Amish Wagon, Lancaster

Tribute to a great artist
Chihuly Glass Art
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Glass Lyon, FR

Magnificent Art Glass 1

Magnificent Art Glass 2

Magnificent Art Glass 3

Magnificent Art Glass 4

Magnificent Art Glass 5

Magnificent Art Glass 6

Magnificent Art Glass 7

Magnificent Art Glass 8


Click image to enlarge

Positano 1

Positano 2


Bridge to the Ghetto, Venice

Peppers Sorrento


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