Florida Fruit Crate Labels & Citrus Crate Labels

WANTED!! Florida Fruit Crate Labels in singles or quantities -- Also any other Florida related Packing House Material; Crates, Photos, Documents, Illustrations, Magazine Covers, Postcards...etc.
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Murray's was started by my Grandfather Frank Murray in 1910 in Ormond Beach, FL IT began as a fruit stand and shipping special order citrus. Fruit was hauled to Ormond Beach in a small trailer behind his car from Oak Hill . At that time the Florida East Coast RR was the way fruit was shipped in wood crates and bushel baskets. These labels were glued on as the fruit moved down the line.
In the late 40's early 50's my father, Fred Murray took over the business., He expanded and purchased a packing house in Oak Hill, FL it was just South of the Oak Hill Citrus Exchange packing house. He shipped commercial and special orders at that time. In this time period the switch to corrugated boxed replaced the crates and no more labels are available.The rail cars were dropped off on the siding next to the packing house. Some large orders were shipped by Refrigerated trucks.(the kind with an ice bunker at front of trailer.)
Fred sold the business in the late 50's to another shipper. The building was sold and burned several years later. Courtesy Frank Murray

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