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I have prepared a special ad for the internet, so review it and do whatever is necessary to MAKE SURE PEOPLE KNOW WHAT A VAST COLLECTION I HAVE FOR SALE. I have over 1400 works, buy and sell weekly and must charge for the lists because of the shear size of them.... The main emphasis is on my Machine Shop and Woodworking Machines, Hand Tools, Plus my large warehouse of machines and parts at, all at the right price. Harold Barker

My antique inventory lists for trade catalogs, operation manuals and general technical know how comprising most subjects in both quality copies and original works. Well over 1400 titles in 4 different lists.

First you will find the lists I have to offer. Because of the tremendous size and volume of them I have to charge for them. But it is well worth it and you will even be able to use them as reference well into the future. Then following the lists are a sampling of my vast inventory.

Dear Fellow Craftsmen and Technical Enthusiasts:
As an experienced wood and metal worker with many years of teaching and machine-building experience besides being an avid historian, writer and collector, I offer you this extensive collection of antique trade catalogs, Pictorial histories, operation manuals and other old-time works to help identify machines and tools, understand bygone industrial operations and help resolve your curiosity on the development of American machine, tool-building and general craft culture. For all quality copies, I use a $10,000. Minolta copier and have most items in stock. Each LIST below has both quality copies and original works at very reasonable prices. In the United States all works are Postpaid, but add postage for Canada and other foreign countries. I have spent around 35 years collecting this mass of material and am in I2 national journals besides the Internet. Basic information on my 4 different lists follow:

Harold Barker

LIST ONE (OVER 1400 titles for METAL AND WOOD-WORKING MACHINERY AND HAND TOOLS (87 pages--send $5. for list)

I now have over 114 PICTORIAL HISTORIES covering most general machines and many hand tools compiled f rom 100's of antique catalogs, documentaries, trade journals, etc. There are very few companies and subjects (this category) that I can't cover. Examples of my Histories are on the metal and wood lathes, table, band and scroll saws, wood and metal jointers, the steam engine, nail-making machines, sanding and mortising machines, the bicycle, sewing machine, etc. Covered also are 100's of trade catalogs and operation manuals for major old companies like Atlas Press, Delta-Rockwell, Oliver, Crescent, Brown and Sharpe, Walker-Turner, De Walt, Boice Crane, Atkins, Disston, Hendey Machine, Lufkin Rule Co., Miller Falls, Parks of Cincinnati, Ohio, Pratt and Whitney, South Bend Lathe Co. (have about 275 works on metal lathe alone), Monarch Machine, Le Blond Co., Lodge and Shipley, Sears-Roebuck, Stanley, Starrett, W.F. Barnes of Rockford, Illinois, Yates and Yates American, etc. Included also are many antique works and surveys on blacksmithing and hand tools, old cabinet and furniture hardware catalogs, old craft manuals, plus 100's of smaller companies long gone.

LIST TWO OF AROUND 1300 titles noted below (85 pages long--send $5.)

Architecture and, drafting including extensive material on Victorian houses (both interior and exterior) plus the millwork, automotive.and trucking companies, concrete, masonry and bricks, coopersmith trade, electricity, radio and early T.V., engraving trade and glass, American Expositions (from the Crystal Palace of 1853 in N.Y. to the Philadelphia Centennial in I876, Columbian Exposition in 1893 in Chicago, etc.), farming (massive), gardening and windmill , horse carriage companies and leatherwork, jewelry and watch repair, grain milling, mining and prospecting, the printing trade, plumbing trade, heating and lighting, pumps and hydraulics, refrigeration and air conditioning, road construction machinery, roofing and sheet metal trades (loaded with catalogs and technical works plus patterns), sawmills, timbering, sales trade, steam engineering and railroads, surveying, telephone and telegraph, oil and gas well drilling, wheelwright trade (loaded with hard-to-find material).

LIST THREE (62 pages--Send $4.)
Packed with tons of wood-working and metal-working machines and machine parts to build about anything (also 100's of pattern manuals covering the last 100 years on subjects like building machines, tables, chairs, wrought iron and sheet metal projects, wood lathe patterns, old colonial beds, etc). Includes many Rockwell drill presses up to 500 lbs., many nice wood lathes (200 lb. ones for $375., the super 350 lb ones for $650. and the 11 foot 500 lb ones for $1000. (16" swing). List parts for radios (surplus electronics), loads of new sheet rubber and machine castings, bearings, etc.

LIST FIVE (about 1300 titles (mostly original works) in 65 pages--Send $5.).

Animals, biographies of great men and women, business accounting and commercial transactions, economics, education (have 100's of old school texts on all subjects at right price), old dictionaries, fiction, geographies texts (over 100's), historical works.,(loaded), Western Indians in U.S., household and domestic works (everything from cooking, lace, fashions, utensils, etc.), medical works, military, music (much sheet music), occult works, photography, politics, pottery and ceramics, printing and writing, religion (loaded), science and astronomy, chemistry and science, sewing and textiles, social works., sports and recreation , fishing, toys, travel, veterinarian works, high school and college yearbooks, miscellaneous subjects.

Partial List of Titles

SECTION 1 - MY SPECIAL PICTORIAL HISTORIES FOR WOOD AND METAL WORKING MACHINES AND TOOLS PLUS SEVERAL OTHER SUBJECTS. These works ~re coniprehensive with 100's of illustrations (dated) from original trade catalogs, journals, technical histories, etc. -invaluable for identifying your antique items.

1. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN METAL LATHE (VOLUME ONE -1800-1960) 156 pages--$20. I trace the early lathe development from the European Middle Ages to England (Henry Maudslay) and then swing to the American scene. You will see the evolution of the slide rest, the quick-change gear box, the development of the turret lathe and the invention of ingenious milling attachments. VOLUME TWO (1850-1904)175 pages--$28. It is packed with 100's of different lathe models and commentary taken from many old trade journals like the Practical Mechanic, the American Machinist. Machinery Journal etc. and trade catalogs. VOLUME THREE (1904-1960)195 pages--$30. Again, I cover numerous lathe models of every description, many factory scenes and line shaft operations. VOLUME FOUR (1800-1900) 270 pages--$30. The early development of metal lathes is very detailed with Henry Maudslay and James Nasmyth, and I then swing into the American early pedal lathes and then steam powered ones. VOLUME FIVE (1901-1910) 332 pages--$32. It is loaded with both American an4 some early British models for contrast. I deal with all kinds of metal lathes from small domestic models to the larger industrial units. I always go directly to the period or contemporary literature for a fffst-hand view of the lathe technology. VOLUME Six (1911-1939)341 pages--$35. I cover most of the American companies like South Bend, Monarch, Libby, Bradford, etc. and show various factory scenes in production. VOLUME SEVEN (1939-1980)418 pages--$40. This last volume is the most extensive in every detail. I cover the Gisholt, Monarch, Springfield, South Bend, Sebastian, LeBlond, Hendey, Warner Swasey and many other companies. For all 7 Metal Lathe Volumes, I will cut the price to $190, post-paid. For those customers who bought the first 3 volumes, I will take $130 for the last four volumes. Each volume is different because my research never ends as long as I am around. I have a small fortune tied up in trade catalogs and technical journals.

2. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN WOOD LATHE (1800-1960)184 Pages--$28. VOLUME ONE. This work has over 400 pictures and illustrations tracing the early lathes from ancient times through the Middle Ages and into the American Industrial Revolution. I illustrate the Barnes foot pedal units and many variations of foot-powered lathes and then swing into many company models like Oliver, Fay and Egan, Wallace, Blount, Walker-Turner, Atlas, Delta, etc. I have built over 200 wood lathes myself in my machine shop and sent them around the country. VOLUME TWO (1800-1960)184 pages--$28. This volume has much on the ornamental turning lathes with geometric chucks beside much material on the many companies producing lathes during this period. Incidentally, I do another volume on a particular machine after buying up and reviewing new illustrations and technology that I didn't have previously. VOLUME THREE (1843-2000) 310 pages--$35. This large volume explores many new units with special detailed accounts on building particular lathe designs. Toward the end I have illustrated some of my techniques in building your own lathe without having to spend a fortune on castings. My lathe welding device alone is worth the volume price. All 4 volumes for $85.


3. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN MILLING MACHINE VOLUME ONE (1800-1960) 150 pages--$20. This is a thorough coverage of its early development from Eli Whitney, Howe, Brown and Sharpe, Hendey, etc. I cover most major models on the American scene including many adaptations between the lathe and mill. VOLUME TWO (1870-1960)174 pages--$27. This volume covers again most of the American factory models both small workshop units plus the larger industrial machines. VOLUME THREE (18200-1960) 240 pages for $34. All 3 volumes for $75

4. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN METAL PLANER (1848-1 %0) 177 PAGES--$28. This thorough work traces the development of the planer in England and France during the early 1800's and then in America from 1848. Contains many commercial and also small shop models.

5. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN METAL SHAPER (1835-1960)220 pages--$30. I trace. its history from England (days of James Nasmyth and Henry Maudslay) to America with 100's of illustrations from trade journals, catalogs, etc. (works likeScientific American, Joshua Rose's 1886 Modem Machine Shop Practice etc.). It also covers slotters and many special related machines.

6. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN DRILL PRESS AND BORING MACHINES VOLUME ONE 150 pages--$20. It covers many early drilling machines including the old post drills and then the steam driven ones before moving into 4he electric motor models. VOLUME TWO (1850-1892)207 pages-$28. It is packed with 100's of drill presses inciu4ing most American makes. VOLUME THREE (1892-1903) 228 pages--$30. VOLUME FOUR (1903-1922) 240 pages--$32. VOLUME FIVE (1922-1960) 257 pages-- $32. The five volumes comprise most American styles and companies, even including large~radial drills and commercial boring units. I will take $130 postpaid for all 5 volumes.

7. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN GRINDING MACHINES (virtually an encyclopedia) (1850-1950) VOLUME 1203 pages--$30. Covers hand grindstones and emery wheel machines plus 100's of light power-driven units with commentary and all dated with sources of information. VOLUME 11161 pages--$25. Covers heavy duty and general surface grinding machines with commentary and all dated. VOLUME 111123 pages--$22. Covers saw, knife and tool sharpening machines. I will take $70 for all three volumes.

8. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN TABLE OR CIRCULAR SAW, VOLUME ONE (1800-1960)200 pages--$28. I begin with the early saw models and progress ~ simple home workshop units and branch into the heavier commercial models. I include several foot pedal models and end with the m6tor driven units. VOLUME TWO (1870-1920)175 pages--$28. I cover the early steam models of Fay and Egan, American, Bentel and Margedant, etc. and move into the motor driven units by Oliver, Yates, H.B. Smith, etc. VOLUME THREE (1920-1960)175 pages--$28. Here we cover all the major companies like Wallace, Walker-Turner, Rockwell, Hall and Anderson, Oliver, including many different sizes. All 3 volumes for $80.

9. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN SCROLL SAW. VOLUME ONE (1800-1960)153pages--$2Q. I cover many foot powered ones like Barnes, Miller Falls and then move into larger industrial models. VOLUME TWO (1860-1955) 88 pages-$14.

10. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN WOOD SHAPER (1850-1960)200 pages--$28. It covers both small shop units and commercial models. I illustrate models from the Defiance Machine Works, Oliver, Barnes foot pedal unit' Yates, Wallace, Rockwell, Powermatice, etc.

11. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN MORTISING AND BORING MACHINES (1800-1960) This 150-page work ($20) covers every type of mortising and boring machine with detailed commentary from original journals and trade catalogs.

12. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN WOOD JOINTER (1850-1960)243 pages--$30. This work covers 100's of designs over the years with detailed commentary. It also has several woodworkers (combination machines) illustrated. All major and many smaller companies are represented. Revised in 2001.

13. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN SANDING MACHINES (1850-1960) fso pages--$20. Packed with every type of sander including drum, disc, belt, stroke, etc. This work is very valuable if you wish to build your own machine and need some examples-I have built my share of sanders including large stroke machines

14. MY PICTORIAL ~ISTORY OF THE AMERICAN SAW MILL, VOLUME ONE (1850-1940)247 pages--$35. VOLUME TWO (187(-1916) 292 pages-$35. VOLUME THREE (1917-1954)275 pages--$35. This 3 volume work covers every type of saw mill, steam, vertical saws, resaws, stave saws and piles of saw mill equipment. This massive work should make you an expert on the development of saw mills. All 3 volumes for $100.

15. MY PICTORIAL SURVEY OF NAIL MANUFACTURING FROM 1840-1950.180 pages--$27. I include hand nail production and then the early nail-making machines. All prices are noted in different periods.

16. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN POCKET KNIVES VOLUME ONE (1850-1950). 156 pages--$23. The work includes perhaps around 1000 pocket knives including valuable information on their manufacturing. VOLUME TWO (1870-1950). 359 pages--$37. This is a massive work and is very valuable to collectors.

17. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN BLACKSMITH AND FAIRIER TOOLS AND MACHINES, VOLUME ONE (1860-1940). 200 pages--$28. VOLUME TWO (1850-1909)247 pages--$32. VOLUME ~ (l~W194O) 250 pages~$32. All three volumes for $85. I douht there is anything in the U.S. in covering this trade as thorough.

18. MY SURVEY OE AMERICAN HARDWARE STORES VOLUME ONE (1803-1894). 158 pages--$22. VOLUME TWO (1894-1940). 154 pages--$22. I take you into the old hardware stores including the small rural ones and the massive city displays. Incredible displays of storefronts, ingemous tool displays and interiors. Both volumes for $40.


20. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN WATER HEATERS VOLUME ONE (1870-1915). 152 pages--$22. VOLUME TWO (1916-1950). 155 pages--$23. Both volumes flimish invaluable information to plumbers for both domestic and commercial units. Both volumes for $40.

21. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN SCALE INDUSTRY (FIRST TWO VOLUMES) (1850-1950). 297 pages--$44. VOLUME THREE (1840-1913). 164 pages--$23. VOLUME FOUR (1913-1935). 162 pages--$23. VOLUME FIVE (1935-1950). 160 pages--$23. All five volumes for $110. My five volume work covers all types of scale units including postal, jewelry, farm, commercial, grocery and even nice illustrations of scales being built in the factories. The international Scale Society bought several thousand dollars worth.

22. MY THREE VOLUME PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN STEAM ENGINES AND STEAM MACHINERY (1845-1920). This massive work is virtually an encyclopedia 6n the development ofsteam engines-~ the way from Hero's Pneumatica in Alexandria, Egypt around 130 B.C. then up through the l7~ 18 and 19 centuries with many illustrations of improved engines. I use works like Knight's Mechanical Dictionary of1876 and 1884, piles of U.S. trade journals (especially of the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial), including The American Engineer, The Polytechnic Review 8cientific American, The Manufacturer and Builder, The American Agriculturist, etc. VOLUME 1(1700-1876), 195 pages--$30. VO~UME 11(1876-1887) contains large 14" and several 17" pages with incredible illustrations from the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial including the massive Corliss Steam Engine. 145 pages--$35. VOLUME ifi (1887-1920). 134 pages--$22. I will take $75 postpaid for all 3 volumes.

23. MY NEW PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN GAS. AIR AND SPECIAL ENGINES (1870-1932). VOLUME 1(1870-1902) covers the development of these different engines including fme examples around the U.S. 180 pages--$27. VOLUME 11(1902-1932) covers numerous gas, air and special engines in various industries. 180 pages--$27.

24. THE FIRST CENTURY OF THE REPUBLIC ~.S. FROM 1776-1876). 127 pages--$20. Compiled by Edward H. Knight (civil and mechanical engineer). Incredible work covering the history of mechanical progress since our independence from England; steam engines, locomotives, machinery of all types, blast furnaces, boats, bridges, etc.

25. MY TWO NEW VOLUMES OF THE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN (some English) BRICK-MAKING MACHINES AND MANUFACTURING PROCESSES VOLUME ONE (1835-1890). 230 pages--$30. VOLUME TWO (1890-1942). 120 pages--$18. Both volumes for $45' These are valuable works for research.

26. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN WINDMILL VOLUME ONE (1850-1950)210 pages--$32. VOLUME TWO (1840-1875). 137 pages--$18. I cover all the major forms of windinills and even show how some farmers used wind power to run their machines.

27. MY SURVEY OF AMERICAN LEATHER TANING AND PROCESSING PROCEDURES (1849- 1949), 180 pages--$28. I start with Dr. Ure's 1849 account and then plunge into numerous leather operations in factories and processing centers.

28. MY SURVEY OF AMERICAN LEATHER PRODUCTS ESPECIALLY SHOES) AND MANUFACTURING (1850-1920). 265 pages--$35. I cover many of the leather processing machines and illustrate in the factory.

29. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN BICYCLE VOLUME ONE (1830-1950). 233 pages-- $30.1 trace the bicycle from its earliest beginnings with 100's of engravings and general commentary from old journals, trade catalogs, etc. VOLUME TWO (1860-1896). 190 pages--$28. VOLUME THREE (1896-1950). 192 pages--$28. All three volumes for $80.1 illustrate hundreds of different bicycles and even take you into the factories. I have used many old journals for precise views of each age, especially the Victorian. There are many odd ball models also to arouse your interest. Some bicycle firms branched off into auto production later on.

30. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN ICE HARVESTING TOOLS AND MANUFACTURING PROCESSES, VOLUME ONE (1850-1920). VOLUME TWO (1860-1945). 140 Pages--$20. I cover all major hand tools and ice cutting machines. I deal also with the new processes of producing ice in the plants. Both volumes for $35.

31. MY NEW SURVEY OF AMERICAN COOPERAGE MACHINERY AND TOOLS (1840-1945). 170 pages--$27. This work is pretty thorough including stave saws, planers, hoop-making machines, assembling units, etc. Has much commentary on machines and dated.


32. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN VISES (WOOD~ METAL) (1850-1950) covering over 700 from early times (wooden) through numerous types of forged steel. This is a massive collection of about every style over the years. 204 pages--$30.

33. A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN TELEGRAPHY (1840-1940). In 3 large volumes I include all major scientists (Wheatstone, Faraday, Henry, Vail, Morse, Edison, etc.) involved in developing the industry. Much of this history is based on first-hand accounts from numerous contemporary journals with 100's of engravings, illustrations. It includes the laying of cables and the descriptions of many instruments. VOLUME I (1840-1880)175 pages, many double--$30; VOLUME II (1880-1913) 200 pages--$32; VOLUME 111(1913-1940)174 pages--$28. All 3 volumes for $85.

34 MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN FARM PLOW AND CULTIVATORS~ VOLUME ONE (1850-1935). 190 pages--$30. VOLUME TWO (1869-1940). 200 pages--$30. Both volumes for $55.1 cover l00's of plows from ancient time up through the Industrial Revolution of John Deere including gang plows and many types of Cultivators. I have many plowing illustrations with steam power as well as horse and tractor power.

35. A PICTORIAL SURVEY OF AMERICAN BLOW TORCHES FROM 1890-1950. Very valuable for collectors. Well illustrated with commentary and dated from contemporary trade journals and tool catalogs. 153 pages--$22.

36.1886 THE GROWTH OF INDUSTRIAL ART. (96 large 17" X 11" pages). This large work appeared in 1886 from the U.S. Dept. of Interior. This is the section on industrial tools, machinery for leather, glass, blast furnaces, metallurgy, mining, trains, maritime industry, telegraphy, woodworking, well drilling, etc. Very valuable for viewing quickly the evolution of major industry. $25.

37. MACHINERY HALL AT THE GREAT PHILADELPHIA CENTENNIAL EXPOSITION (1876). 306 pages on 14" paper celebrating 100 years of our independence from England. View the opening of this monumental event with incredible engravings of the main buildings and related scenes recorded in my many original volumes on this event. This was our first really massive world exposition. $25.

38. THE WORLD OF CARPENTRY 100 YEARS AGO (1850-1900). This is apictorial survey manual for woodworking tools and supplies with commentary by the woodworkers and manufacturers themselves taken directly from the Carpentry and Building journa1s and trade catalogs. 156 large pages--$22. You won't beat this work for the depicted business spirit and ethics of these hard-working mechanics.

39. MY SPECIAL 203 PAGE COLLECTION OF AMERICAN VICTORIAN HOUSE CONSTRUCTION (1880'S AND 1890'S). From the Carpentry and Builder journals (many issues) I show you first-hand the exterior and interior views of numerous houses; framing, roofing, paneling, scroll cornice work, mantles, stair-ways, etc. If your granddad was a carpenter, you will know how he thought and lived during this era. I built houses during my early years and would recommend this work. $30.


41. MY NINETEENTH CENTURY COLLECTION OF AMERICAN HAND TOOLS. Taken from many trade journals like from Age~ Machinery~ Knight's Mechanical Dictionary~ Scientific American Appleton’s Cyclopedia of Applied Mechanics~ etc. 115 pages--$17. Incidentally, my many hand tools manuals are all different. 42. MY SURVEY OF AMERICAN HAND TOOLS BETWEEN 1865-1950. (new work on unique tools). I compiled this in 2004 from numerous trade journals and trade catalogs. 96 pages--$ 14.

43. MY 64 PAGE COLLECTION OF UNIQUE AMERICAN HAND TOOLS as shown in an Iron Age journal between 1885-1900. $12.

44.1870-1910 A COLLECTION OF UNIQUE HAND TOOLS AND INSTRUCTIONS. From numerous old trade journals and catalogs. Good articles on the manufacturing of hammers, files, etc. 80 pages--$14.

from hundreds of old trade journals, catalogs, etc. Has valuable articles on saws and hammers (manufacturing). 110 pages--$18.

46.1880-1914 INTERESTING AMERICAN WRENCHES. UNIQUE). Taken from Iron Age Jr. and Machinery journals. 42 pages--$10.

47.1865-1926 A COLLECTION OF UNIQUE AMERICAN WRENCHES. Includes material on the early manufacture of wrenches including Coe's factory. I used several trade journals. 58 pages--$12.

48. A SURVEY OF SOME AMERICAN WRENCHES FROM THE 1860'S TO 1940'S. 77 pages--$15.
Contains many unusual wrenches with commentary plus an article on Loring Coe's 88th birthday and his accomplishments. Different from my other surveys.

49. SHEET METAL TOOLS AND MACHINES AS SHOWN IN IRON AGE AND METAL WORKER JOURNALS (1885-1893). 103 14" pages--$20. Pages loaded with newly patented sheet metal tools (most of my sheet metal works are in my 2nd inventory list).

50 . SHEET METAL TOOLS AND MACHINES IN THE IRON AGE AND THE METAL WORKER JOURNALS 1893-1900). This is really part two of the previous work. Has much commentary. 103 pages--$20.

51. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN PENCILS. PENS AND WRITING SUPPLIES, VOLUME ONE (1865-1950). 162 pages--$27. VOLUME TWO (1840-1888). l67pages--$27. VOLUME THREE (1888-1910). 180 pages--$28. VOLUME FOUR (1910-1950). 220 pages--$35. $110 for all four volumes. These volumes are packed with valuable engravings of factory processes of pencil and pen manufacturing and also paper processing plus articles on school desks, classrooms, etc.

52. A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN KITCHEN TOOLS. UTENSILS AND LIGHT APPLIANCES (7 volumes). Volume 1 is from 1850-1900 (206 pages--$32). Volume 2 is from 1900-1918 (240 pages--$37). Volume 3 is from 1918-1928 for $27. Volume4 is from 1928-1955 for $34 (216 pages). Volumes is from 1850-1902 (228 pages--$35). Volume 6 is from 1902-1924 for $30 (201 pages). Volume 7 is from 1924-1950 (225 pages--$35). All 7 volumes for $200 postpaid. All volumes are of course different and are probably the largest collection (private) in the country. All items are dated with commentary and~ source. Sources are massive trade journals, catalogs, general magazines and various technical works of the time period produced.

53. A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN KITCHEN CONTAINERS (POTS, PANS, ETC.) (1850-1945). Volume 1(1850-1904) is 165 pages of early cast iron pans, pots, etc. ($27). Volume 2 (1904-1922) is 162 pages of dated pots, lunch cans, dippers, etc. from old trade catalogs, journals, etc. ($25). Volume 3 (1922- 1945) is 162 pages for $24.1 will take $70 dollars for all 3 volumes.

54. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN SEWING TOOLS AND SUPPLIES (1835-1950) in 4 volumes. Volume 1 covers 1835-1908 (185 pages including many double pages--$30). Volume 2 covers 1908-1950, 185 pages--$28. Volume 3 covers 1850-1894, all different, 204 pages--$30. Volume 4 covers again 1894- 1940, 204 pages all different--$30. I will take $110 for all 4 volumes. These valuable works cover 1000's of different items (all dated with sources noted). You will view early sewing tools, supplies, prices, fabrics, manufacturing processes, etc. Volume 4 even has an itemized 1 year account of a young seamstress's supply purchases for her teenage dressmaking (1895-1896).

55. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN SEWING MACHINE (1850-1950) in 2 volumes. This is a very detailed work on the many patents with dates including the work of Howe and Wilson with stunning illustrations. 382 pages--$50.

56. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN IRON (FOR CLOTHING). VOLUME ONE (1860- 1950). 190 PAGES--$30. VOLUME TWO (1860-1950). 114 PAGES--$l5. Both volumes have 100's of sad, fluting, kerosene, electric and mangle irons plus heating devices for them. All material from original trade catalogs and old journals. Both volumes for $40.

57. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN WASHING (LAUNDRY) MACHINE in 4 volumes. The 1st volume covers from 1850 - 1918 (125j pages -- $17). The 2nd volume covers from 1918 - 1956 (123 pages--$17). The 3rd volume covers from 1864 - 1952 (172 pages--$27). The 4th volume covers from 1845 - 1960 (95 pages--$15). I will take $70 for all 4 volumes. Postpaid. Sharp pictures.

1940). 170 pages--$27. Be assured that I have covered 100's of different models from my large collection of journals, catalogs, special works. This is a godsend for collectors.

59. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN COOKSTOVE (1840-1950). Volume 1 covers 18401899 (182 pages--$28). Volume 2 covers 1899-1918 (185 pages--$30). Volume 3 covers 1918-1927 (200 pages-
-$30). Volume 4 covers 1927-1950 (200 pages--$30). This massive work contains thousands of American kitchen stoves from 100's of trade journals and catalogs-all units dated with commentary with sources noted. I collected for 15 years for this work and will match it with anything in the U.S. All 4 volumes for $100 postpaid.

collected over 650 funny cartoons from American periodicals like Saturday Evening Post, Colliers County Gentleman, American Legion, etc. 150 pages--$20. VOLUME TWO (1880-1940). 141 pages--$20. VOLUME THREE (1940-1965). 135 pages--$20. I have collected invaluable comic art and cartooning from many old American magazines that will make you laugh. I have the great work of Thomas Nast, Al Capp, Bud Fisher, Frank King, George McManus and others for satire and laughter. All 3 volumes for $55.

61. A PICTORIAL SURVEY OF AMERICAN POWER-DRIVE SYSTEMS FROM 1860-1960 IN~LUDING SHAPTING BELTING PULLEYS ETC. 300 pages in 2 volumes for $45 I take you right into the factories and shops. Work has much commentary and all dated.

62. A PICTORIAL SURVEY OF AMERICAN JACKS (for lifting) covering from 1860-1945. You will view
100's of different jacks (car, wagon, house, etc.) from the old trade journals, catalogs, technical works, etc. Two volumes of 325 pages--$45.

63. A SURVEY OF AMERICAN ANTIQUE DOLLS (1879-1950).~I compiled this work for the many ladies who requested it. It has 100's of different styles of dolls from numerous trade catalogs and journals-all dated. l66pages--$24.

1902. Volume 1(236 pages, many double pages--$35) is directly from the original sources when the events occurred. Everything is dated with sources noted. Volume 2 (1902-1925). 257 pages with many double pages--$37. Volume 3 (1925-1958). These 3 works constitute virtually and encyclopedia on all phases of timber operations: tools, machinery, first-hand scenes of operations across the U.S. All 3 volumes for $95 postpaid.

65. A SURVEY OF AMERICAN WATER WHEELS AND WATER TURBINES FROM 1800-1890. Volume 1(155 pages--$25); several double pages. Volume 2 (1890-1935) has 155 pages also. This is a valuable work from first-hand sources. I use many old trade journals, catalogs, early technical works, etc. Both volumes for

66. A PICTORIAL SURVEY OF AMERICAN STONE TOOLS MACHINERY AND OPE~ONS FROM 1840-1885. Volume 1(160 pages--$25). Volume 2 runs from 1885-1950.1 take you into the early stone-cutting operations and even show the Statute of Liberty being erected on its stone foundation plus scenes of the Capitol being built. You will find this work fascinating with the unusual scenes at hand. Volume 2 is 180 pages long--$30. Both volumes for $50. Several double pages.

67. A PICTORIAL SURVEY OF AMERICAN VICTORIAN AND EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR MOLDING DESIGNS plus flooring patterns used in residential and commercial buildings. Volume 1(228 pages--$35). Volume 2 (203 pages--$30). Both volumes for $60 postpaid.

68. A PICTORIAL SURVEY OF THE SPECIAL AMERICAN WOODWORKERS (MACIIINES)AND OTHER COMBINATION UNITS FROM 1860-1923. Volume 1(150 pages--$22). Volume 2 from 1923-1950 (150 pages--$22). Includes many woodworkers from different companies like Sidhey Machines Co., Crescent Machine Co., etc.

69. A PICTORIAL SURVEY OF AMERICAN CORN AND WHEAT GRINDERS AND FLOUR MILLS FROM 1850-1890. Volume 1(235 pages--$35). Volume 2 covers 1890-1940 and has 230 pages--$35. Both volumes for $65 postpaid. Covers milling operations from the early American Indians.

70. A PICTORIAL SURVEY OF AMERICAN LUBRICATION TOOLS~ SUPPLIES AND PETROLEUM PRODUCTS (MECHANICAL USE) FROM 1850-1920.225 pages in Volume 1 for $34. Volume 2 covers from 1920-1927 (225 pages--$34). Volume 3 covers from 1927-1950 (225 pages--$34). All 3 volumes for $90. Has gasoline pumps, lubrication' tools, supplies, etc. Very thorough.

71. A PICTORIAL SURVEY (WITH COMMENTARY) OF THE U.S. POSTAL SYSTEM FROM COLONIAL TIMES UNTIL 1954. Volume 1 (colonial times to 1903-248 pages, $32). Volume 2 (1903-1954, $32). Both volumes $60 postpaid. I collected for this fascinating work for 15 years and got most material directly from the trade journals existing in each era. I deal with the tools, machines, scales and equipment used in each era from single horses, stage coaches, trains, airplanes, etc. plus taking you into the post offices and see first-hand many operations in handling mail. I include postal rates, instructions, etc. for all eras everything dated in sequence and sources noted.

72. A PICTORIAL SURVEY OF AMERICAN POWER FORGING HAMMERS FOR BLACKSMITHING AND COMMERCIAL FORGING OPERATIONS (1870-1950). 270 pages--$35. This is a very thorough coverage with commentary and hundreds of examples of different hammers from small hammers to huge steam hammers. All material comes from original trade catalogs, old technical journals, etc. Invaluable for the collector.

73. A SELECTION OF WORKBENCH DESIGNS AND PATTERNS FROM 1870-1965. My personal massive bench of 4' by 8' with 29 drawers is probably the best one. 92 pages--$15.

74. A PICTORIAL SURVEY OF AMERICAN CIDER MILLS AND PROCESSING FROM 1840-1940. Really fascinating from original trade journals and catalogs. 150 pages--$20.

You will see incredible designs with commentary from original journals and trade catalogs for making wooden moldings. Volume 2 (1895-1940), 220 pages--$32. Both volumes for $60 postpaid. Many sample cutter designs and large machines (and small) from all major companies: Fay and Egan, Rowley & Hermance, Hoyt Brothers, C.B. Rogers, H.B. Smith, Yates-American, etc.

76. A PICTORIAL SURVEY OF AMERICAN DOOR LOCKS AND HARDWARE FROM 1860-1948. Volume 1 from 1860-1904 (217 pages--$32). Volume 2 from 1904-1914 (232 pages--$32). Volume 3 from 1914-1948 (232 pages--$32). All 3 volumes for $80 postpaid. These 3 volumes are loaded with incredible Victorian designs, door bells, every type of lock used, many beautiful hinge designs-all from the original catalogs and trade journals with commentary. A gold mine for restoration specialists.

77. A SURVEY OF AMERICAN PADLOCKS FROM 1870-1950. This is a beautiful work packed with 100's of different styles in incredible engravings and commentary. 242 pages--$30. Contains the history of locks. Original sources used.

78. MY MASSIVE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN RADIO FROM MARCONI (ITALIAN) IN THE 1890'S TO 1954. Volume 1(1890-1922, 240 pages--$30). Volume 2 (1922-1927, 221 pages--$28). Volume 3 (1927-1934, 204 pages--$26). Volume 4 (1934-1954, 187 pages--$25). All 4 volumes for $100. This work is very valuable for radio enthusiasts. All material directly from the many radio trade catalogs and technical journals.

79. MY 5 VOLUME PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN ROAD BUILDING MACHINES AND EQUIPMENT FROM 1840-1955. Volume 1(1840-1896, 240 pages--$30), Volume 2 (1896-1924, 240 pages--$30), Volume 3 (1924-1927, 240 pages--$30), Volume 4 (1930-1938, 212 pages--$28), Volume 5 (1939-1957, 260 pages--$40). All 5 volumes for $147.

80. A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN LAWN MOWER (1850-1965). I finished this large work rn 2008 with 335 pages--$40. This massive work covers from the early steam units around 1850 to the reel and single rotary blade types of the 20th century. 100's of designs with commentary.

81. MY PICTORIAL SURVEY OF AMERICAN CARVING TOOLS MACHINES AND TECHNIQUES FROM 1853-1970. This massive work covers many carving machines, tools, special carving techniques, master carvers like Ernest Warther of Dover, Ohio and special carving designs. 327 pages--$38.

82. A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN TRACTOR (1870-1956). I compiled this work in 2005. Volume 1(1870-1930, 161 pages--$25), Volume 2 (1930-1936, 155 pages--$22), Vol~ime 3 (1936-1956, 183 pages--$30). All 3 volumes for $67.

83. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN TELEPHONE FROM 1870 (BACKGROUND HERE) TO 1950. Volume 1(1870-1913, 170 pages--$27), Volume 2 (1913-1925, 158 pages--$24), Volume 3 (1925-1950, 160 pages-$25). All 3 volumes for $70.

84. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN PHONOGRAPH (1870s-l960). Volume 1(1870- 1917, 170 pages--$27), Volume 2 (1917-1960, 195 pages--$30). Both volumes for $50. Thes? 2 volumes cover Edison and his many co-workers.

85. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN TYPEWRITER (1840-1956)1 compiled this in 2006 after collecting material for about 10 years. It is pretty thorough with beautiful illustrations and commentary. 214 pages--$34.

86. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN TOY INDUSTRY (1850-1960). This massive work of
4 volumes covers thousands of toys from my many old trade catalogs and hundreds of journals. Volume 1 (1850-1902, 197 pages--$28), Volume 2 (1902-1917, 190 pages--$28), Volume 3 (1917-1927, 190 pages--$28), Volume4 (1927-1960, 178 pages--$27). All 4 volumes for $110 postpaid.

87. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN BELL INDUSTRY (1850-1950). All types of bell ringing devices are covered (copper and tin usually) from church and farm bells to sleigh and dinner table touch bells. 192 pages--$28.

88. A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN MOTOR SCOOTER (1935-1963). This 118 page work covers the famous Cushman models plus many other brands including some Italian models (incredible pictures with commentary). $18.

89. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN OIL AND GAS DRILLING INDUSTRY INCLUDING TOOLS. MACHINES AND OPERATIONS. Volume 1 (1849-1902, 205 pages--$32), Volume 2 (1902-1955, 235 pages--$35). Both for $60 postpaid. This work has incredible pictures and commentary of the Titusville, Pa. wells of Drake and others plus operations throughout the U.S. View the early pictures of drilling rigs, drilling machines, nitro shots, spindle top in Texas, etc. My dad was an oil and gas well driller for years.

90. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN BANDSAW. Volume one (1800-1960, 185 pages-- $27), Volume two (1870-1960, 200 pages--$30).

91. A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN RUBBER TIRE AND TOOL INDUSTRY (3 VOLUMES). Volume 1(1850-1921, 232 pages--$30), Volume 2 (1921-1930, 261 pages--$32), Volume 3 (1930-1950, 216 pages--$28). All 3 volumes for $80 postpaid. This 3 volume work has incredible illustrations from the l9th century rubber plantations up through Charles Goodyear and the vulcanization process, directly into~ the Akron, Ohio rubber tire plants where many of my relatives worked and then into the many machines and tools used in the manufacturing process plus the many different types of tires and tubes produced.

92. A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN BILLIARD EQUIPMENT AND COMPETITION FROM 1860-1950. This is a fascinating work covering all equipment and competition like the great Willie Hoppe of the 1930's on. Has many Brunswick tables and equipment. 220 pages--$30.

93. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN ICE BOX AND REFRIGERATOR. Volume 1 (1860- 1915, 192 pages--$30), Volume 2(1915-1955, 197 pages--$30). Both volumes for $55 postpaid inthe U.S. This is virtually an encyclopedia on all types of cooling or freezing units from old contemporary trade catalogs and journals plus many technical works. Everything is dated with sources noted.

94. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN FLOOR. CARPET AND VACUUM SWEEPERS FROM 1880-1951.1 cover every type of sweeper imaginable directly from the original trade catalogs and contemporary journals with commentary. 180 pages--$28.

95. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN CRANE AND HOIST. Volume 1(1860-1900,193 pages--$30), Volume 2 (1900-1920, 194 pages--$30), Volume 3 (1920-1938, 194 pages--$30), Volume 4 (1938-1950, 194 pages--$30). All 4 volumes for $110 postpaid in the U.S. You will view many different designs and types over the years including the early steam units.

96. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN WOOD PLANER. Volume one (1800-1960,150 pages--$20), Volume two (1847-1904, 208 pages--$30). I have all the major brands including Daniel, Smith, Rogers, Woodworth, Yates-American, Rockwell, Powermatic, Oliver, etc. I include the smaller home shop models as well as the industrial steam and electrical powered ones. $47 for both volumes. The engravings or illustrations are real classy.

97. MY MASSIVE PICTORIAL OF THE AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE. I have worked on this project for about 10 years collecting from the old auto journals, technical manuals and general magazines. I begin with the early steam autos of the 1830's and 1840's and move later into the internal combustion models. Volume one (1830-1903, 242 pages--$32). This volume ends with the Henry Ford models, those of Ge6rge Sheldon and others. I even show you the Auto Show at Madison Square Garden in New York in 1900. Volume two (1903-1906, 242 pages--$30), Volume three (1906-1908, 255 pages--$32), Volume four (1908-1910, 250 pages--$30), Volume five (1910-1915, 320 pages--$37), Volume six (1915-1920, 300 pages--$35), Volume seven (19201923, 244 pages--$35), Volume eight (1923-1927, 24Q pages--$30), Volume nine (1927-1930, 277 pages--$32), Volume ten (1930-1933, 260 pages--$32), Volume eleven (1933-1940, 315 pages--$37), Volume twelve (19401950, 305 pages--$34), Volume thirteen (1950-1960, 410 pages--$45), Volume fourteen (1960-1970, 200 pages--$28). My 14 volumes auto history from 1830-1970 is about 3860 pages of first-hand information on thousands of American auto models. This visual auto encyclopedia takes you into the auto shops and dealers and even factories with contemporary articles on auto trends during each period and I even have included used prices for autos from the daily newspapers, especially during the Great Depression. There are articles on the effect of American culture and daily life for the new powered machine. I will take $400 for the entire 14 volumes postpaid in the main 48 states. Extra for Alaska and the Hawaiian islands.

98. MY REPRODUCTION OF THE FRANCIS BANNERMAN ANTIQUE MILITARY ARMS CATALOG OF 1925.420 pages--$40. For you gunsmiths, this work should be invaluable. This is the most thorough rifle, gun and pistol collection with original engravings and thorough commentary that I have ever seen. Bannerman started collecting munitions at the end of the Civil War and later opened his famous store in New York City. You will view 100's of old Kentucky rifles and other antique arms clear back to the Pilgrim fathers around 1630 in Massachusetts. This is like entering a large arms museum and seeing 100's of arms before you for examination. The work has large Civil War arms including uniforms and guns, the Spencer Repeating rifle, cannons, American Indians arms, army medals, etc. Military historians could use this valuable work.

99. 1846. A HISTORY OF INVENTIONS~ DISCOVERIES AND ORIGINS. By John Beckman, Professor of Economy in the University of Goffingen, Germany. Translated into English by William Johnston in England. This is a quality copy of the two volumes of major inventions including corn and saw mills, street lighting, fire engines, gunpowder, street paving, horseshoes, lace, diving bells, etc. clear back to ancient trines of Pliny the Elder (Ancient Rome) with detailed bibliography on each page. There are no engravings, but incredible accounts back through Europe and other countries to the primary sources. I finally found the original two volumes (1066 pages) on the Internet for $150.1 blew up the pages and am only charging $40 for the entire work.

100. MY PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN BARBERING TRADE. Volume 1 covers from 1860 to 1926 (270 pages--$35). The 2nd volume covers from 1926 - 1970 (285 pages--$35). Both volumes for $65. postpaid. View 100's of shaving and haircutting instruments and supplies from the period when they were used. I also have many old barber chairs, plus commentary on the barber surgeons back into the European Middle Ages.

101. MASSIVE 416 PAGE ILLUSTRATED SUPPLY CATALOG OF SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS from the Hettinger Brothers Co. (circa 1922) in Kansas City, Missouri: 100's of orthopedic devices, obstretric and diagnostic units, surgical tools, stethoscopes, etc. Very clear pictures. $35. postpaid in the U.S.

102. CIRCA 1907 MEDICAL SUPPLY CATALOG FROM THE TRUAX & CO. OF CHICAGO, ILL. with excellent engravings of wheelchairs, surgical instruments, braces, hospital equipment, trusses, splints, electrial devices, drugs, etc. 300 pages -- $35.

103. 1895: A QUALITY COPY OF FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE AMERICAL CIVIL WAR. In 2 massive volumes (512 11 x 17 pages (some scenes 22" wide) Leslie's expert artists near each battle scene tried to depict graphically as possible military action for his New York City Illustrated Newspaper (sold nation wide). Most principle battles with major commanders and supply activity are illustrated including commentary on each artist. I have added 10 pages on the biography of Leslie himself (an expert engraver and artist). Using the index one can easily find the statistical outcome of each battle. Using my $10,000. copier, I have each volume stapled in 5 different units and then connected on back edges with calf skin leather glued to all 5 sections and then connected to heavy commercial soft covers (Sam's Warehouse) with special 2" clear tape and glued for a pretty secure volume. This rare work usually sells for a few hundred dollars, but I sell it for $125. postpaid in the U.S. I taught History at Ohio Northern Univ. several years.

104. MY THOROUGH PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN TRUCKING INDUSTRY. Volume one (230 pages) covers from the steam trucks of 1850 - to the internal combustion engines of 1922 ($30.). Volume 2 (287 pages) is from 1920 - 1929 for $35. Volume 3 is from 1928 - 1939 (180 pages) for $25. Volume 4 covers from 1939 - 1965 (176 pages) for $28. All 4 volumes for $105. These volumes have much commentary and come from many old trade journals and catalogs.

105. MY NEW PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN ROOFING TRADE: (from Colonial times to 1964 in two massive volumes). Volume One (Colonial times to 1927 - 283 pages for $35.) Illustrates elaborately all aspects of wooden shingle applications, slate, tile, early metal and asphalt production plus classy ullustrations of roofing tools and various techniques. Vol. 2 (1927 - 1964, 230 pages at $30). Covers newer forms of asphalt and numerous types of metal roofing and spouting products, invaluable charts on different perioud prices for materials, illustrations of correct roofing techniques plus newer roofing tools and machines, and all material is presented in sequence with dates and sources noted. Incidently, besides authoring several historical works, I built my 80 foot brinck home and have done my share of roofing over the years. (Both roofing volumes for $60)

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